Georden West (pronouns: they, them) is a time-based artist. They approach material and sartorial culture as inherently queer, using media and installation to evolve visualization of erased LGBTQ+ histories as they relate to the symbolic dimension of social objects. 
Georden's thesis premiered at Outfest and won gold in the Alternative/Experimental category at the 2019 Student Academy Awards, qualifying for an Oscar for Live Action Short. Their films featuring the designs of Jamall Osterholm have screened in museums and at festivals around the world.
Georden was an Emerson Fellow, receiving their MFA from Emerson College where they now teach cinematography in the Visual & Media Arts department. Since November 2020, Georden has served as director of BLAA (Boston LGBTQIA+ Artist Alliance).
Upcoming 2021:
to insure promptness at Studio 550, Cambridge, MA
 vii with Ena Kantardžić at Fountain Street Gallery, Boston, MA
Playland with Artless Media