Cheng Jin
Cheng Jin is an artist from China, currently working as a cinematographer, documentary filmmaker, and still image photographer. He completed his Bachelor of Arts in Broadcast, Television and Journalism at Communication University of China. Being trained as a journalist, he developed his interest in observational style documentary, which allows him to think more about building a storyline in an unconventional way. He is primarily interested in merging ideas of documentary and narrative film genres. He holds an MFA from Emerson College.
Greg Ports
Zhilin Chen
Born and raised in Guangzhou, CHEN Zhilin “Chilam” is a director, writer and cinematographer. He recently graduated from Emerson College with an MFA degree in Film & Media Art. His filmography includes short films Master Choi (2016), Kidnapee (2017) and the experimental Self (2018). The Little Shrimp is his debut feature, completed in spring, 2019.

Isaac Nelson
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